Adult Halloween Funny Piggyback Costume Riding Shoulder Costume

///Adult Halloween Funny Piggyback Costume Riding Shoulder Costume
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Project Description

Adult Halloween Funny Piggyback Costume Riding Shoulder Costume

Adult Halloween Funny Piggyback Costume Riding Shoulder Costume. Piggyback costumes are what everyone is wearing to big events and parties, nothing better than a great optical illusion costume to make heads turn and raise eyebrows! We export thousands of costumes in various sizes overseas. Whatever outfit you decide on, you can buy with confidence knowing you will receive high quality and an exceptional outfit.


Adult Halloween Funny Piggyback Costume Riding Shoulder Costume

  • 100% Polyester, Hand Wash
  • Just stuff the legs with whatever you have at hand (don’t get too carried away though) and you’re ready to stumble around
  • Size : Unisex Adult size can fit 5’3”-6’1” (160cm-190cm)
  • Have our own cooperative costume factory. And have ten-year production experience. Testing report is available when order is confirmed
  • Package Include 1 x Ride On Mascot Costume
  • Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Cosplay, Birthday Party, Oktoberfest, Plaza Performance or just an ordinary day.

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In 2015, we set up our own sourcing teams to better service our customers, so our product range is expanded to much more costume accessories like costume & costume hat, eyeglasses, wig, crown, tiara, balloon, tableware, party garlands & party decorations, LED Light Up, etc. So now Lego Party has a large range of costume accessories and everyday party supplies for all of your themed party and celebration needs.  We have all costume and accessories for men’s, women’s, boys and girls styles and sizes, there’s a quality, the most affordable costume here! No costume is complete without its party accessories, and at Lego Party Craft you’ll find costume props that will make your good costume look great!

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If any quality complains occurred, we will forward it to our service teams. They will directly report to our factory manager. Usually, we will hold a meeting with Production, Purchasing, relevant QC workers and packing Depart in 24 hours, and will response in 48 hours with feedback and solution.

We often contact customers by Email and Phone. And we also go some fairs to talk and meet our customers face to face for a better understanding.

Also, due to the website limited, we can not list all party costumes. If you can not find your desired one, please do not hesitate to contact us and our sourcing teams which have over 10 years professional sourcing experiences will help you to complete your purchasing lists with the best affordable price and high quality.

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